If you’ve finished your first draft, or you’re a few drafts in and need someone to check that it all makes sense before you self-publish, this is the editing service for you. We’ll make sure that your work matches industry standards.


How do we help?
✔ Writing style, plot, structure, characterisation, point of view, flow and pace
✔ Sentence and paragraph structure

✔ In depth post-edit consultation to discuss the changes 

✔ Analysis document, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the piece, and also addressing any other issues that may require attention

You receive: This edit concentrates on writing style, plot direction and narrative structure, characterisation, point of view, flow and pacing, ensuring that your reader is immersed in your story's world and wants to keep turning the pages. We then return the manuscript with a detailed analysis document, and there will be a consultation to discuss your work in-depth. 

Different pricing and schedule options available. Please contact us for details.