Need a push to finish your book? Need an editor & mentor throughout the entire process, advising you at each step? We’re here for you. We’ll help you beat procrastination with a programme designed to keep you motivated and productive until your creative vision is fully realised. 


How do we help?

✔ Check-in and planning sessions with your editor

✔ Submit chapters and sections of your work 

✔ All submitted works get the following editorial advice and treatment:

✔ Writing style, plot, structure, characterisation, POV, flow and pace

✔ Sentence and paragraph structure

✔ Proofreading checks are automatically included in this service

✔ Post-edit consultations to discuss amendments and recommendations as part of the sessions with your editor

One hour progress meetings, conducted face to face or by email, phone, video call, Zoom or WhatsApp. Your submissions will be edited as in the above checklist, with tracked changes and comments that you can either accept or reject along the way. 

When you complete your novel, you’ll also be provided with an analysis document highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the work, and pointing out specific issues; with advice to take your writing forward to the publishing stage.

Different pricing and schedule options available. Please contact us for details.