If you feel as though you’re ready to self-publish, but are fretting over Amazon’s rigorous spelling and punctuation checks, our Proofreading service is the ideal solution. The service would particularly suit memoir writers, writing groups looking to publish an anthology or a collection, or authors wanting to self-publish to immediate positive reviews.


How do we help?

✔ Punctuation errors

✔ Grammar errors

✔ Consistency of tense

✔ Subject–verb agreement

✔ Capitalisation and hyphenation errors

✔ Dialogue punctuation

✔ 'Sense check' of facts and order of content

You receive: The edited manuscript, with tracked changes that you can accept or reject, along with a page of general feedback on your overall work.

Cost: £100 flat fee for work up to 20,000 words; £5 per 1,000 words for 20,000+

For example, a novel of 80,000 words would cost less than £35 p/m over 12 months (but you will get your edited manuscript back sooner - often within eight weeks)


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